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Ganas Mate

Organic Yerba Mate Tea Aged Chimarrão - Buy Now

Organic Yerba Mate Tea Aged Chimarrão - Buy Now

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For Those New to Yerba Mate

Ganas Mate Aged Chimarrão — pronounced "shee mah HOE".

Ganas Mate Chimarrão is an organic yerba mate tea that's been aged for a darker color and flavor compared to a "younger" green mate. Always air dried, Ganas Chimarrao has a little bit of dust, stems and sticks to go along with the organic leaves to give it it's full body flavor.  

Chimarrão is the perfect introduction for someone new to yerba mate looking for a wonderful herbaceous flavor that’s not too bold, but just right!  If you've been drinking coffee for years and looking to switch things up, you'll love the Ganas Chimarrao. 

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