Ganas Mate - Organic Yerba Mate Tea

Ganas Mate is a loose leaf organic yerba mate tea curated from Southern Brazil and packaged with love in Austin, TX.

Certified organic and Kosher, we're proud to be Fair Trade USA & Fair for Life certified. Our yerba mate farm is committed to sustainability and uses electricity generated by organic eucalyptus, produced through reforestation.

Yerba mate has the strength of coffee with the health benefits of tea and the euphoria of cacao. Ganas Mate is packed with vitamins, minerals (potassium & magnesium), amino acids and polyphenols, making it nourishing while also energizing the body and mind.  

The Yerba Mate caffeine content is balanced with theobromine & theophylline, acting on the central nervous system differently than coffee, which is why you don’t get the jitters after a few cups.

It quite possibly is the healthiest and tastiest drink in the world.  Don’t believe us, try some for yourself!

Best Organic Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate Tea Health Benefits

Yerba Mate tea provides a host of health benefits for both the mind and body. 

Yerba mate tea is full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and polyphenols, as well as antioxidants that stop free radical production and boost your immune system. Drinking yerba mate tea also increases GLP1, which boosts the rate of fat loss at rest and during exercise.

For the mind, yerba mate tea upregulates dopamine receptors, allowing more of a dopamine increase, and is also shown to be neuro-protective for dopamine neurons.

Yerba Mate Tea FAQ(s)

Is yerba mate a tea?

Yerba mate (a.k.a. Ilex paraguariensis) is a tea like beverage made from the leaves and twigs of the South American holly plant.

How much caffeine is in yerba mate?

Yerba mate has the strength of coffee with the health benefits of tea. Caffeine ranges between 90 - 150 mg per 12 oz serving depending on how it's prepared.

How do you prepare yerba mate?

Yerba mate can be prepared (just like coffee!) in the any of the following ways:

- French Press

- Tea ball

- Coffee maker

- Cold Brew

What is a bombilla? 

A bombilla is a straw with a filtered end that allows you to drink infused yerba mate without the leaves or stems coming up. Bombillas are made of metal, wood or bamboo.

What are the health benefits of yerba mate?

More energy, reduced inflammation, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, improved exercise performance, decreased heart rate, increases GLP1 (which helps burn fat), it's neuro-protective, increases focus, increase motivation and improves mood.

Is Ganas Mate Air Dried or Smoked Dried?

Ganas mate is always air dried. Never smoked

Is Ganas Mate Organic?

Ganas Mate is certified Organic, Kosher, Fair Trade USA & Fair for Life certified.

Best Organic Yerba Mate

Find Yerba Mate Tea Near You

Ganas Mate is an organic yerba mate tea imported from South America and packaged with Love in Austin, Texas. 

Currently available at these locations:

-Thom's Market

-Nate's Baked Goods

-Central Market

-Native Grocery